ServerInternals is free to download and is a fully-functional product. It will operate for 15 days before requiring activation.

The package includes all the software and a getting started guide that has step by step instructions to help you quickly get up and running.

There are three packages available for download. All three contain the same software – the only difference is that the IT Department and Managed Service Provider packages include an extra installation section that provides one-click installs for some common situations in each of their respective environments.

The current software is v2.6.0, released on 29 October 2019.



A simple graphical front end to install each of the components that are included in the suite.

Depending on the network and the environment within which the software is used, some components may not be required.

IT Departments

Includes pre-configured single-click installs for a central administration and deployment workstation, for the workstations used for review and diagnostics and for servers that cannot be centrally configured.

For most networks all the server-based software can be deployed and configured directly from one administration workstation so that there is no need to manually install software on each server individually.

Managed Service Providers

Includes pre-configured single-click installs suitable for support staff at the service provider’s office and for quick and simple on-site configuration at a client’s premises.

To best appreciate how ServerInternals can help provide remote diagnostics capabilities an external gateway should be available.