Dynamic Real-⁠Time System Information

  • Visualise current activity
  • Understand issues
  • Resolve problems
  • On-premise and cloud


An instant view of a server and how it’s performing, with a tactical, dynamic and real-time display showing in detail exactly what an individual system is doing.


With ServerInternals, all the information is right there at your fingertips, supporting a rapid diagnosis, quickly getting to the root cause of the problem and enabling the right solution to be put in place.

There’s no need to run Performance Monitor, wondering which counter values to collect, no need to look at Services to see what’s failed, no need to start Event Viewer and then set up complex filters to remove all the irrelevant extra information and no need to connect to the server and use Task Manager to check on CPU load, memory usage and the details of running processes.



ServerInternals can connect to any Windows system, and display current values and historic trends for any performance item supported by that system. It can display the contents of every event log, list all services and their states, and show detailed information for processes and threads. It is also possible to start, stop and restart services, and to terminate processes.

You can quickly see any area that is causing problems, whether that be high CPU load, undue memory usage, excessive disk activity or any other aspect of system performance.

When connecting to a Hyper-V host, you can see the processor load, memory usage, disk activity and network traffic for each virtual machine on that host, as well as information about the physical host itself.

The display is completely customisable. To get you started, ServerInternals ships with two built-in layouts; one covering the core information for a typical server and one that is tailored for use with Hyper-V hosts.

However, for specific requirements, or to focus on the behaviour of a single application, either the built-in layouts can be modified or entirely new layouts, showing just the information you need, can be created from scratch. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows layouts to be created and modified quickly and easily.

Full instructions on how to design, modify and use your own layouts are included in the help file, and are also available online.

A connection can be made to any cloud-based system, or one in a remote office connected via a WAN, just as easily as to a system on the local network.

ServerInternals can connect to an installed collector or can use the operating system’s WinRM capabilities. Both of these use secure and firewall-friendly protocols that encrypt all data and only require a single TCP port to be open.

When used on internal networks, in addition to using WinRM or a collector, ServerInternals can also connect using WMI, which is suitable for most corporate LANs and WANs.

If the target system is not available via a direct connection, the optional Gateway makes it possible to securely connect to a system from anywhere over HTTP.

ServerInternals is not a full infrastructure monitoring tool, and will not pro-actively notify you of issues. Instead, its role is to give you an interactive tactical view of the current behaviour of a system, showing you how that system is running and providing a wealth of information to support an informed diagnosis of any problems and their subsequent remedial action.

For comprehensive monitoring, reporting and alerting for your whole infrastructure, we suggest that you take a look at our companion product, ServerAssist, a server and network monitoring solution for all sizes of network.

A free download of ServerInternals lets you try the software for 15 days. During that time, you will have access to full technical support via telephone and e-mail. Contact us with any questions, and we'll be very happy to help.

The evaluation package includes software to allow you to run your own gateway, making it possible to securely connect to a system from anywhere over HTTP. This will typically require an externally hosted web server to run the gateway software. If a suitable server is not available, Hazelnut Software can make a test gateway available as part of the evaluation.

ServerInternals is licensed corporate-wide or on a per computer basis.

There are three licence types available; corporate-wide, collector-only and full.

A single corporate licence allows unlimited usage across all servers and workstations owned or operated by a single legal entity.

The collector-only licence, which is intended for servers, only allows the collector service to be installed. The full licence, which is intended for workstations, allows the entire ServerInternals suite to be installed.

No additional licence is required for the systems to which ServerInternals connects via WMI or WinRM and which are not running the collector – a licence is only required for each computer running the ServerInternals software itself.

ServerInternals is not a subscription-based offering – it’s a permanent licence so once you’ve purchased the licences there are no on-going costs to worry about.

Typically an organisation that does not choose the corporate-wide licence will require one collector licence for each server on the network and one full licence for each individual who is using the software to understand system behaviour and diagnose issues.

For per computer licences, when you purchase your licences, you’ll recieve one serial number for each licence purchased, and each serial number is used to activate the software on a single computer.

ServerInternals is available with corporate-wide or per computer licensing.

A single corporate licence allows unlimited usage across all servers and workstations owned or operated by a single legal entity and is priced at £750 / $1,000 / €850 .

All types of licence can be purchased online, and we also accept purchase orders.

The purchase price is a one-off cost and there are no recurring charges. For any queries related to ordering, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A full edition of ServerInternals, with no usage restrictions, is included at no additional charge with the Professional Corporate edition of ServerAssist, our network monitoring solution.

The best way to see what ServerInternals can do for you is to download the software and evaluate it in your own environment.

All the documentation is available online, and to gain a good appreciation of the core capabilities, we would suggest that you start with the key concepts, how ServerInternals is typically used, and the information available out of the box by using the built-in layouts.

If you want to discuss any aspect of ServerInternals with us, or would like some assistance with running the software, then please get in touch.


ServerInternals is free to download and is a fully-functional product. It will operate for 15 days before requiring activation.

The package includes all the software and a getting started guide that has step by step instructions to make sure you’re quickly up and running.

The software will install on any current Windows operating system and has no dependencies or prerequisites.

ServerInternals can be installed on a workstation and used to diagnose servers over the network or installed directly on a server and run locally.


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As well as ServerInternals, we also produce ServerAssist, a server and network monitoring solution for all sizes of network.

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