ServerInternals is licensed on a per installation basis and requires activation at the end of the initial evaluation period.

There are two licence types available. The full licence, which is intended for workstations, allows the entire ServerInternals suite to be installed. The agent-only licence, which is intended for servers, only allows the collection agent to be installed.

Both licence types are available to purchase online. We also accept corporate purchase orders. For larger volumes, or for any questions you may have, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Typically, an organisation will require one full licence for each individual who is using the software to understand system behaviour and diagnose issues, and one agent-only licence for each server on the network.

A full edition of ServerInternals, with no usage restrictions, is included at no additional charge with the Professional Corporate edition of ServerAssist, our network monitoring solution.


Pricing Details

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Full licences: $65 each

Agent-only licences: $25 each