Built-In Layouts

To get you started, layouts are included for Windows servers and Hyper-V hosts that show performance charts, metrics, event log information, services and processing status.

These can be very easily customised and shared with your colleagues.

Out of the box, as soon as you connect to a computer, you’ll get:

  • 11 gauges showing current system activity and loading
  • 8 status indicators giving an “at a glance” view of key health issues
  • 55 charts covering trending information for over 150 performance items
  • Details of important entries in the System, Application and Security event logs, with advanced filtering so you can focus on the vital information amongst the noise.
  • Lists of all services, those running and those failed, together with management options.
  • Full details of all running processes

Of course, this can all be customised to meed the individual needs of your environment.

The documentation has more information on both the general and Hyper-V layouts.