Event Log Filtering

There’s a wealth of useful diagnostic information in the event logs, but finding it can sometimes be difficult.

Advanced filtering lets you exclude irrelevant events or limit the list to only include particular events, showing you just the information you need.

Usually, an event log contains entries that are not applicable to the current situation, and for those events for which it is known ahead of time that they will not be relevant, design-time filters can permanently exclude them from a list.

To complement this initial filtering, ServerInternals also offers two types of temporary, user-initiated filtering which can be combined to limit the list to just those events that are of interest at the present moment, without resorting to changing the list’s design:

  • Events that meet criteria can be excluded from the list
  • The list can be restricted to only include events that meet criteria

These two methods can be combined to quickly “see the wood for the trees”.

There's no need to type in complex text expressions. For example, to remove all events of type 'Warning', so you can focus on errors, you would simply right-click on one of the warning events in the list and pick

Temporary Filter → Exclude → Type - Warning

from the context menu. Then, to limit the remaining list down to events with an ID of 1234, you would right-click one of those events, and pick

Temporary Filter → Restrict To → Event ID - 1234

with the menu options changing based on the event you click.

To see more events, essentially going further back in time, the number of events in the list can be changed, either by adding a set number or covering an increased fixed time range.

Once the list contains just the relevant entries, all the details for any single event can be seen simply by double-clicking an entry the list.