Customisable Layouts

The format of the displayed information is not fixed, and can be extended or modified as required.

Each layout is stored as a file, and you can build up a library of layouts and use whichever one is most suitable for a particular situation.

New indicators, charts and gauges can be added via a simple drag-and-drop interface, so there’s no error-prone editing of text-based configuration files and no need to recompile anything.

A new layout can be created from scratch, or you can simply copy an existing one and modify it as needed, adding, changing and removing elements. You can also merge one layout into another, so two smaller layouts, each covering a specific area of system activity, can easily be combined into a single, more comprehensive one.

Once a new layout is in use, ServerInternals automatically detects the information that needs to be collected, and seamlessly starts collecting it. All you need to do is open the layout file and connect to the server. There’s no manual configuration needed on the server whatsoever.

See Layout Design for full information on how you can tailor existing layouts and create new ones using the built-in graphical designer and Elements for details of all the different items that can be used to build up a layout.