Full Diagnostics

Performance data, event logs, service status and process information, together with drill-down navigation combine to provide a fast and efficient root-cause analysis of problems.

Where required, remedial action can be taken directly from ServerInternals.

With ServerInternals, you don’t just get a couple of graphs of a few values sampled once a minute. Instead, you have an instantaneous summary of 11 vital health indicators, backed up by charts covering over 150 core metrics giving a complete performance history for a week at a five second granularity.

You also get full details of recent events in the event logs, lists showing all services, which ones are running, and which ones aren't but should be and full details of running processes, showing more information than Task Manager.

A service can be stopped, started or restarted and a process can be terminated directly from the list, without leaving the application.

All this is available right out of the box, and of course, can be fully customised to suit your individual requirements.