Nine Click Installation

The installation package includes a Rapid Setup option that will take you from zero to a fully-operational system in just nine mouse clicks.

There’s no central server to install and set up and there’s no post-install configuration required.

Once the initial installation is complete, that’s all you need to do. You can start connecting to servers immediately and seeing live performance information using the built-in layouts.

If you prefer, instead of using the Rapid Setup facility, you can pick the individual packages that you want to install.

To get historic trending, in addition to live information, you’ll need the optional collector running on each server, and deploying this across the entire network couldn’t be easier. A dedicated application scans the network and installs and configures the software on the servers you select.

The download is made available as a single self-extracting executable or ISO image, but if required, the individual industry-standard MSI packages that make up the installation can be extracted, allowing you to also install the software via Group Policy, manually or using third-party tools.