Graphical Display

Colour-coded status indicators, gauges, charts and lists allow a broad range of information to be displayed in the most appropriate way.

Auto-scaling charts covering a number of time ranges give both current and historic information in a clear format.

The display can be built up from dynamic status indicators, gauges, charts, lists and text, with static labels, images and groups enhancing and annotating the presentation.

  • Status indicators highlight the value of a performance item relative to one or two thresholds
  • Gauges showing an instantaneous value of a performance item, using a needle over a scale
  • Charts showing values for one or more performance items over a selection of different time periods
  • Lists show recent events or current services, processes or threads
  • A text display shows information as scrolling text, and can include operating system and other configuration data

Labels, images and groups can be added to enhance the presentation.

  • Labels and images can be added to provide notes, contextual information and corporate branding
  • Groups let you arrange items in a logical manner, making the overall display easier to understand

Flexible and varied formatting options allow charts to be presented as individual lines or stacked to visualise several items aggregated together.

Dynamic scaling can be applied to gauges and charts, ensuring that the scales used are automatically relevant to the current situation.

Elements can be linked, so that it’s possible to drill down from one element to another, simply by double-clicking it.